Transform the parent experience at your school!

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Has COVID put a damper on your parent engagement?
Use our strategies to re-engage your parents!

Does this sound like you?
Are you tired of fielding parent complaints?
  • The Parent Engagement Lab will help you engage with parents and meet their needs before they have a chance to complain!
  • Create parent partnerships not adversaries through our proven program that increases parent engagement and satisfaction!
  • Repair relationships! Even those you would characterize as perpetually dissatisfied.
  • Take your "good" parent engagement to "stellar" with P.E.L strategies and our Coaching Program!
Minimize stress! 
  • Stop being stressed out by lack of communication or parents showing up at school unannounced to air their grievances.
  • No longer be undermined by parents through social media and gossip.
  • Control the narrative of your school as a proactive, caring, welcoming, organized, and efficient place for students to learn.
  • Empower yourself and your educators with all of the tools you need to be successful
  • Reduce anxiety about communicating with parents.
Focus on Accountability & Sustainability for IMPACT!
  • The Positive Parent Phone Call Certified Educator Coaching Program is designed to reinforce the most impactful strategies for the greatest impact on your school! 
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Do you want your parent community shouting from the rooftops how great you and your school are?

Transform the Parent Experience!

When Covid 19 has passed do you want your parent relationships to be stronger or have to rebuild starting from the ground up?


Let me help you


 your parent relationships! 


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to expect inside the lab and certification program?

The Parent Engagement Lab will increase parent satisfaction, enhance parent-teacher relationships and student engagement through our proactive Positive Parent Phone Call system and roadmap.

Educators will:

  • Attend a full-day virtual Parent Engagement Lab session
  • Learn through 10 modules of coaching and content
  • Certification Program: Be coached virtually over the next month to become Positive Parent Phone Call Certified Educators through purposeful outreach that makes a difference for parents!

We help educators reconnect with their "why" for entering education and our purposeful program fills the "educator love tank"!

It’s an amazing experience that you will enjoy and see immediate impact personally and professionally. Especially now, in the time of Covid, parents need extra support and this is the perfect way to have systematic and meaningful outreach to your parent community with built-in coaching for accountability!

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what people are saying

Teacher, Parent Engagement Lab attendee 

"This process has helped me develop relationships with parents that matter. I couldn’t believe one of the parents actually called me a couple weeks after we talked to proactively check in. I used Lisa’s Phone Call Roadmap which taught me how to gently coach parents to be more engaged with their child’s education."

Teacher, Parent Engagement Lab attendee 

"The process that Lisa has developed and that she shares during Parent Engagement Lab is good all the way around! It’s very disarming to parents and helps them feel appreciated."

School Principal, Parent Engagement Lab attendee 

"A month after this training I have parents posting on Facebook how happy they are with the strategies we have implemented since the Parent Engagement Lab. It feels good. It’s been money well spent for my whole staff to attend and implement the strategies school-wide. Lisa’s coaching makes it stick."


great reasons to join us!


Our full day lab and educator certification program will help you refocus your parent engagement efforts.


Engage parents through our purposeful process and relationship based strategies!


Empower your teachers through a Positive Parent Phone Call Certified Educator program.


Achieve purposeful parent engagement milestones and a success roadmap to make it happen!


for the day


The Leadership Module will set the foundation through meaningful reflection and set the stage for lessons and activities that will help you and your team be prepared to tackle your challenges and barriers to parent engagement.

The parent experience

Everyone has needs! To establish a positive parent experience at your school we will explore the basic needs that must be met in order for parents to WANT to engage. When you know what their needs are you can proactively take action to support parents where they need it the most!

The parent engagement progress map

Parent Engagement Progress Map is introduced in this module and we will connect your school mission and vision to the structure of the Parent Engagement Progress Map so that you can achieve parent engagement milestones immediately!

Relationships - research & recommendations

What is the foundation of any good partnership? A strong and healthy relationship. Strong and healthy relationships take effort and these best practices will reap you and your staff rewards and save you time while increasing parent satisfaction and engagement!

Strategies & milestones

To achieve success you and your team must know what milestones you are working toward! In this module strategies for success are recommended and you select milestones to include on your Parent Engagement Progress Map! This module will round out your Parent Engagement Strategy onto a Roadmap that you can share with your school board, teachers, parents, and media!

The positive parent phone call roadmap & 30 day journal

Why are phone calls home so intense and riddled with anxiety? Because there isn’t a call roadmap to guide the call in a successful way! This module will improve educator confidence to make calls that are a success and result in happy parents! Our proven Positive Parent Phone Call Roadmap sets the foundation for a long lasting parent - teacher relationship and makes future calls a breeze! EVEN for the most difficult parents. This module will include time to practice mock parent phone calls using our proven roadmap. Participants can also look forward to guidance on journaling and providing evidence of the calls they made and the data and benefits of those calls. Peer coaching and support and accountability are included in this module.

Data, data, data

Do you have a baseline of parent engagement data? We will explore ways to use data that will allow you to report out to parents, your school board, and your community about parent enhancements and engagement.

Benefits for all

The Parent Engagement Lab will result in outcomes that improve the parent experience, student experience and the educator experience. We will discuss the expectations you should have and what you should do with the resulting benefits to continue to grow your Parent Engagement Progress Map and influence your school, district, and community culture!

Public relations 101 - showcase your successes

Public Relations 101 is all about showcasing your successes!
As educators we often think “oh they know!” and we aren’t natural sales people but if you don’t showcase the positive and control the narrative, who will? Negative Nellies! Create a proactive public relations plan celebrating your parent community! This module will teach you how!

30 day coaching experience

The month-long coaching program to become a Positive Parent Phone Call Certified Educator is designed to support you and your staff to follow through with the commitment to reach the Positive Parent Phone Call Challenge milestone on your Parent Engagement Progress Map. Commit to long term sustainability and become Certified Positive Parent Phone Call Educators! [Additional fee with sustainability supports and more!]

what people are saying

Teacher, Parent Engagement Lab attendee 

"This training gave me tools that will permanently stay in my teacher tool kit. I will utilize these strategies after the positive parent phone call challenge and look forward to having more influence with parents now."

Teacher, Parent Engagement Lab attendee 

"I love that time was planned for everyone to share out their mock parent phone calls and ask questions. It made the session more meaningful."

Teacher, Parent Engagement Lab attendee 

"This training reminded me that it’s the little things that matter. I will make more of an effort to share positives with parents now, and know that they need to be encouraged too!"


Now Scheduling Fall 2022 & Spring 2023



[starting at - quoted price dependent on total number of staff]

  • Full-Day Virtual Lab Experience
  • 9 Core Modules
  • Workbook & Resources
  • Peer Networking Opportunities
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[starting at - quoted price dependent on total number of staff]

  • All Standard Program Inclusions


  • Extended Group Coaching 
  • Weekly Q & A
  • Positive Parent Phone Call Certification
  • Private Facebook Group for Networking and Sustainability
  • Access to all Parent Engagement Lab and Group Coaching recordings (for one academic year)
  • Ashland University Credit (extra fee for each participant through Ashland University)
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30-day coaching program


Weekly Q & A and Coaching

Positive Parent Phone Call Educator Certification

Private Group for Peer Networking

30-day coaching program bonuses

 The month-long coaching program is designed to support you and your staff to follow through and sustain  the Positive Parent Phone Call Challenge milestone on your Parent Engagement Progress Map. Educators that finish the full program become Certified Positive Parent Phone Call Educators! Participants are challenged to call 30 parents in 30 days using our proven method and receive the following supports:

  • Weekly Q&A and coaching support
  • Access to Weekly Q&A Recordings
  • Private Facebook Group to support sustainability and networking.
  • Access to Parent Engagement Lab module recordings 
  • With submission of call log and journal participants become Positive Parent Phone Call Certified Educators!
  • Graduate credit is available through Ashland University! (Register for credit hours through Ashland University for an additional fee).
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No longer

will long parent emails filled with complaints clutter your inbox or voicemail

Parents will be emailing you and calling you to thank you, not complain! Suddenly, parents will be proudly shouting from the rooftops how great the school is and how much their child loves your school. 

Don't miss out!

Covid 19 has turned lives upside down. If you want to make a lasting impact on your parent community, at a time when families need you the most, register you and your staff for the Parent Engagement Lab today! You will not regret it! 

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