Hello & Welcome!

I'm Lisa Imel,

the President and Chief Educational Consultant of EdSolutions Group, a solutions-focused educational consultancy. We help educational leaders ideate, create and execute programs that support their strategic vision. I am honored you are here and we look forward to supporting you on your journey!


Hello & Welcome!

I'm Lisa Imel.

I'm the President and Chief Educational Consultant of EdSolutions Group. I help educational leaders ideate, create and execute programs that support their strategic vision. I am honored you are here and I look forward to supporting you on your journey!

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Does this sound like you?

  • Are you looking for creative solutions to the barriers that prevent your students from getting the education they deserve? 
  • Do you find that when you stop and look around you are the only one doing the heavy lifting (literally doing work that is in someone else's job description) and left without time (or energy) to accomplish your vision? 
  • Are you having difficulty translating your vision into an action plan that you can execute? 
  • Are you looking for programs or curriculum that will empower your students to take control over their own lives and education? 
  • Are you tired of doing the same thing you have always done, just because ‘that’s the way we have always done it’? 
  • Do you believe in a growth mindset and are you ready to do things differently?

don't worry!

EDSolutions Group can help you!

  • Create and execute a strategic plan that will ensure your students’ success
  • Increase the time you spend engaged in achieving your vision by 50%
  • Improve your student, parent and community engagement by 50%
  • Reduce disciplinary referrals by 50%
  • Improve your stakeholder satisfaction by 50%
  • Reverse your open-enrollment out
We have developed systems and processes to achieve all of this and more! 

Transformation Focused Consulting

Are you ready to take your school to new heights? Are you ready to empower and inspire your school community in new and different ways?

"When it’s time to select a consultancy to lead your strategic efforts, you want EdSolutions Group involved! Lisa will help you connect all of the dots and see your vision to fruition! " ~Principal Testimonial

EdSolutions Group, led by Lisa Imel, M.Ed. has worked with Pk-16 and business and community partners on a wide array of projects. Some examples of our Transformation Focused Consulting Solutions include: 

  • Business Advisory Council advisement, strategy, implementation, and meeting moderation - virtually and in person! "EdSolutions Group’s “Future Ready and Better Together” business and community engagement model will surpass your expectations!" ~School Leader Testimonial
  • Portrait of a Graduate Development and engagement with all stakeholders
  • College, Career, and Life Readiness Strategic Planning, Professional Development, and Speakers Series 
  • Senior Capstone Project Development and Implementation
  • Parent engagement Strategy and Implementation including your very own Parent University concept designed around your school mission and vision. 
  • Leadership Coaching and Administrative Retreats
  • Customized Professional Development 
And More! 
i've heard it phrased that the professional development we need is personal development! Whether it's through our leadership coaching, online professional development or interview coaching - we design solutions to meet you where you are and propel you to the next level, professionally & personally.

leadership coaching & membership community

The best is yet to come! 

Inspired Administrator Coaching©

Individual & Group Professional Learning and Leadership Coaching | Elevate your excellence as a school administrator with our individualized coaching program for principals and leadership teams.

Inspired Administrator Society©

Membership Community | Excel at leading and living your life! Optimize your world with ongoing leadership training, professional development, guest experts, a school leader wellness plan and more! 

we believe in the 3 e's -  [education]  [engagement] [empowerment] - to enhance the educational experience for all stakeholders.
- Lisa Imel, President

professional development

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Engagement Lab©

Transform the parent experience at your school!

Proven to increase student retention, reverse 'open-enrollment out' and increase parent satisfaction for short and long term benefits.

It's the little things that matter. The power of voice and intentionally connecting your staff to parents through the 30-day p.e.l. coaching program will rejuvenate your parent engagement!



Success Lab©

5 steps to reclaim your school sanity

Premier Online Professional Development for Administrators and Aspiring Administrators | Be inspired & develop your own School Success Progress Map© for immediate impact in the areas that matter most


what people are saying


"When Lisa offers professional development, I’m there! Everything she does is worthwhile. The bottom line is her professionalism is unparalleled and she is always providing updated information about progress."


"Our district could not connect the dots for the various needs we had. Lisa has a visionary 'we can do anything we set our minds to' approach. Her ability to motivate our external and internal entities, her caring, professional approach and her ability to do more than she promised makes Lisa and EdSolutions Group stand out from the rest. "


"When asked what the recommendation would be to someone considering working with EdSolutions Group…”Do It!!! You will not regret the experience and the quality will be amazing!"


Joyful Educator Lab

7 Powerful Practices for IMMEDIATE Impact

Designed for educators who want to be inspired to take their professional and personal lives to the next level!

joyful educator lab helps you optimize your personal and professional life. if you don't notice an improvement in your outlook and mindset in the first week after the lab we will give you a full refund. it's that good! invest in you.

interview coaching & resources 

We work with current and aspiring school leaders and teachers.
Let's make it happen today! 

inspirational interview series

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Coaching Package

Advance your career & your life!

We coach  school administrators & teachers to present themselves as the best candidate for their dream job!


about us

Founded by Lisa Imel, M.Ed., EDSolutions Group is an educational consultancy providing inspired educational solutions that empower students, parents, educators, business, post-secondary partners and communities to brighter and happier futures!

EDSolutions Group is a strategic planning partner to school districts, community schools, businesses, workforce development, national and international education organizations.

We aim to maximize the educational experience and achievement of your vision through transformation focused consulting, individual and group coaching for current and aspiring school administrators, online and in person professional learning for educators

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