Your Joy Awaits

Jan 20, 2021
This is a special guest column written by Dr. Jennifer Ramos. 


Joy  \ jȯi \  a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.

A Teacher's Perspective

Teaching, for the past 16 years, has brought me a tremendous amount of joy.  As a teacher that helps students map out their post-secondary path as well as a plan to reach their goals, my job is incredibly rewarding.  

The Problem Right Now

I haven’t seen a student, in person, since March 6 of last school year.  I’m on zoom, each day of the week, and talk to black name boxes.  Bottom line - I miss students.  Like many educators, the demands of distance learning coupled with the isolation from colleagues has been challenging – one might even say - joyless.

The Solution

When I saw the EdSolutions workshop, Joyful Educator Lab, I did not hesitate to register.  I need more joy in my teacher life.  Period.  

Lisa Imel, President & Chief Educational Consultant of the EdSolutions Group has developed a training to help educators reclaim their joy. Lisa is amazing! Her vast experience within education is able to relate to many of the struggles that we face, but more importantly, she provides viable solutions to address those issues. And, she cares - about you as a participant in the workshop, as an educator, and as a person.

What I Look For

Good professional development should be one where participants feel not only inspired but also one that gives them tools to use, immediately – this was my experience with Joyful Educator Lab. The 7 action steps to reclaim your joy were ones that I was able to put into practice the day after the workshop – my educator tool kit is overflowing with tools to help me, and my students.  

Beneficial for All

I feel inspired, motivated, encouraged, supported; I am re-energized to tackle the rest of the 2021 school year. Joyful Educator Lab has given me a roadmap to find my joy, even virtually.  Sign up now to reclaim your joy, or sign up your staff for a fall inservice. Your joy awaits!

Guest Blogger Dr. Jennifer Ramos

Dr. Jennifer Ramos is a veteran educator from Florin High School in Elk Grove, California within the Elk Grove Unified School District.  She believes a key to student success is building positive relationships that support and encourage students, and she hopes to help her students discover their potential and reach their post-secondary goals.  Outside of the classroom, Jennifer finds joy in spending time with her family, friends, and dogs as well as traveling. 

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