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It brings me immense joy!

to share my uniquely developed systems, structures, procedures and processes so that you don’t sacrifice your personal physical, mental and emotional health to your job. In turn, through my consulting and leadership coaching and professional development solutions you will be able to guide your staff more effectively and help young people have brighter and happier futures. In addition to serving as your strategic consulting partner we offer digital courses that empower you and your staff.

It’s a win-win!

Get in touch!

Reach out to me at 
[email protected]
or message me below if there is anything at all I can do to help you achieve your goals and your vision of excellence!

Are you ready to take your school to new heights? Are you ready to empower and inspire your school community in new and different ways? When it’s time to select a consultancy to lead your strategic efforts, you want EdSolutions Group involved from ideation to implementation to connect all of the dots and see your vision to fruition! 

EdSolutions Group, Led by Lisa Imel, M.Ed. has worked with Pk-16 and business and community partners on a wide array of projects. Some examples of Transformation Focused Consulting Solutions include: 

  • Business Advisory Council advisement, ideation, strategy, implementation, and meeting moderation - virtually and in person! EdSolutions Group’s “Future Ready and Better Together” business and community engagement model will surpass your expectations!
  • Portrait of a Graduate Development and engagement with all stakeholders
  • College, Career, and Life Readiness Strategic Planning, Professional Development, and Speakers Series 
  • Senior Capstone Project Development and Implementation
  • Parent engagement Strategy and Implementation including your very own Parent University concept designed around your school mission and vision. 
  • Leadership Coaching and Administrative Retreats
  • And more! 
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It has been said that
I love the simplicity of the program. As I did the work, supported by coaching, it came into focus. Brilliant! Thank you so much for the Joyful Leadership experience! It really is life changing and stress relieving and joy restoring!
-Meredith, Principal