Do You Accept the Challenge?

Let's Change the World One Positive Parent Experience at a Time

In the spirit of teaching excellence, I challenge you to incorporate a strategy that I began implementing early in my teaching career. The ‘Positive Parent Phone Call Challenge’ is a strategic parent engagement initiative where positive parent phone calls are employed to improve school and classroom culture and ultimately student achievement and success. Not only is it a strategic effort. It has the power to change...

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Don't Give Up! You Can Do It!

Life can be tough.

Have you ever felt like giving up? Do you need a little extra motivation? Do you have a past regret? Have you been through unusually tough life circumstances? Does it feel like you keep hitting a brick wall? Sometimes the challenges that come our way are more than we think we can handle. One after the next, difficulty after difficulty. Especially during these times. 

A few years ago, I read the article Don't Despair; success is near (you can click on the link to access...

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